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OmniFlex Microfibre Trolley System

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A complete multipurpose microfibre system for hygienic mopping. Using the OmniFlex™ trolley to dispense clean solution to the floor makes microfibre mopping as hygienic as possible.

OmniFlex Microfibre Trolley System

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The patented Microfiber Trolley System is the most flexible and low cost microfiber cleaning and finishing system available today. It combines the versatile self-dispensing OmniFlex Trolley-Bucket, high capacity vinyl trash and supply bags, an interlocking bin system, colour-coded microfiber technology, and foolproof worker-friendly process.

Customising your own system is really easy. Simply purchase the OmniFlex Trolley-Bucket and then add bags, bins and accessories as needed. Or, for maximum value and convenience, Kaivac offers a preconfigured package that includes the Trolley-Bucket and four bins.

A. Customize the ultimate cleaning cart by combining the high capacity trash bag, three-shelf supply bag and storage bins.

B. The self-dispensing solution bucket ensures that only fresh, clean solution is ever used.

C. The built-in spigot makes it perfect for applying fresh cleaning solution, degreaser, stripping solution, floor finish and gym finish in a fast and flawless manner.

D. Spigot throttle manages the amount of solution used, reducing chemical costs up to 90% while producing better results.

E. Perfect for waxing, the precise flow of floor finish from the spigot along with smooth microfiber application provide a level coat of finish with no bubbles or streaks, eliminating costly redo’s.

F. Just add the OmniFlex wet vacuum for powerful extraction capability for deep, hygienic cleaning.


- Food Service

- Healthcare

- Education

- Retail

- Sports/Fitness

- Daily Floor Cleaning

- Finishing Floors

- Stripping Floors

- Degreasing Kitchens

- Applying Gym Floor Finish

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