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EVA Stable Mats. Each tile: 122 x 182cm

EVA Stable Mats. Each tile: 122 x 182cm

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Delivery in just 5 Days EVA Stable mats can be used as a stand alone stable mat or can be connected together as interlocking tiles to cover larger areas or runs.

The material is very tough, yet extremely light in weight, enabling simple lifting and moving for cleaning and assembly. The tread pattern provides a good non-slip surface.

Choice of three depths. Recommendation for use as follows:

20mm: For small horses and ponies

24mm: For medium sized horses

34mm: For larger sized horses

Pack quantities of 1, 6, 12 & 24 to fit the area you need and help you save by buying in bulk.

The mats come with peelable edges on the 182cm (6 ft) sides which can be left as a straight edge or peeled away to reveal the interlocking edges if required. (see image 1 below).


Stable Mat Interlocking Edges

Image 1: Peelable edges reveal interlocking joins or can be left for a straight edge


EVA Stable mats have the following benefits:

  • Far lighter than traditional rubber stable mats, makes moving for storage and cleaning easier
  • Anti Fatigue cushioning properties to alleviate stress on legs and wear on hooves
  • Provide warmth and insulation against otherwise cold, hard concrete flooring
  • Simple to clean and maintain
  • Good anti-slip surface
  • Save money on bedding
  • Save time mucking out

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The benefits of EVA stable matting include:

  • Provides warmth and comfort for your animals - No more hard, cold, damp concrete.
  • Alleviates stress to the legs and hooves.
  • Save money on bedding costs.
  • Makes cleaning and mucking out easier. Stable mats are easy to sweep, hose or pressure wash.
  • EVA stable mats can be easliy lifted for cleaning underneath or moved for storage.
  • Good anti-slip properties.
  • Can be fitted together to fit large stable areas and placed end to end to create a walkway to the field.
  • Can be cut to fit any size and shape of area and around obstacles.

Module Size: 122 x 182cm (4 x 6ft)

Depth: 20, 24 or 34mm

Weight: 8, 10 or 16kg per mat

Colour: Black

Construction: EVA

Stable mats make cleaning easier and quicker. Simple to clean with a broom, hose or pressure washer.

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