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Cushion Station without Holes

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Versatile nitrile rubber anti fatigue mat which gives a comfortable, non-slip surface in wet or dry areas. Drainage holes allow liquids to flow through mat. Grease and oil proof. Static dissipative.

Anti-FatigueChemical ResistantOil / Grease ProofSuitable for Wet AreasSuitable for Dry AreasWelding SafeAnti-SlipAnti-MicrobialNon-Conductive

Cushion Station without Holes

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  • Very durable mat constructed of closed cell nitrile rubber cushion for use in wet, dry or greasy areas
  • Rubber surface gives good traction and comfort underfoot
  • Lightweight and flexible with a low profile surface for easy cleaning and storage
  • Static dissipative mat is safe for use around high voltage areas, switchboards and electronics
  • Grease and oil proof
  • Can be autoclave sterilised
  • Welding safe and static dissipative to prevent static shocks and sensitive equipment
  • Anti -Microbial additive inhibits the growth of bacteria throughout the mat lifetime
  • Available with drainage holes to allow liquids to drain through mat – see our Cushion Station with holes listing


How does this mat improve health and safety?

  • Non-Conductive mat prevents workers from being grounded, reducing risk of electric shock
  • Provides a non-slip surface in wet and greasy areas
  • Reduces worker fatigue and provides comfort, in particular against cold, hard concrete floors.
  • Encourages subtle movements of the joints to stimulate blood flow around the body.
  • Reduced fatigue = fewer injuries = fewer sick days
  • National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI) slip-resistance certification
  • Bevelled borders to reduce trip hazard
  • Anti -Microbial additive inhibits the growth of bacteria throughout the mat lifetime


Recommended for:

  • Healthcare and Medical facilities including:
    • Operating rooms
    • Delivery rooms
  • Kitchens
  • Canteens

A. Lighter in weight for easier handling. Fully launderable mat that performs great as an anti-fatigue mat and as a flow-through mat in wet or dry environments.

B. Constructed of durable 100% dense closed cell nitrile rubber cushion which is far superior in grease and oil resistance than other “grease proof” mats. Static dissipative.

C. Provides excellent anti-fatigue properties for added employee comfort and improved ergonomics, improving employee morale and productivity.

D. Mat surface does not have high profile grooves and is therefore easy to clean with a mop.

E. Low profile, 11mm thick, with bevelled edges and slip-resistant surface reduces slip and fall accidents. Non-skid backing keeps mat in place.

F. The rubber used is made of 15-20% of post consumer recycled materials.

G. Anti-microbial Treated - The anti-microbial agent gives lifetime protection against degradation from micro-organisms and minimises mats being a source of odours.

H: Surface is easy to clean and easily wiped. The mat can be autoclaved for sterilisation.

I. ESD mat rated static dissipative.

J. Cushion Station mats are ideal for:

  • Kitchens
  • Medical rooms (operating, delivery etc)
  • Behind bars
  • Food processing areas
  • Work stations
  • Heavy Industrial Anti Fatigue
  • Machine shops
  • Changing rooms
  • Shower areas
  • Wet areas

Cushion Station Rubber Kitchen Mat

Cushion Station Non Slip Anti Fatigue Rubber Kitchen Mat

Construction: Closed cell nitrile rubber cushion

Mat Height: 11mm

ESD Classification: Electrically Conductive

Surface to Ground:
50% Relative Humidity 3.7 x 108 Ohms
12% Relative Humidity 4.5 x 108 Ohms

Surface to Surface:
50% Relative Humidity 9.1 x 108 Ohms
12% Relative Humidity 9.5 x 108 Ohms

Cushion Station Non Slip Wet Area Mat

Cushion Station used as a Wet Area Non Slip Rubber Mat

Cushion Station Non Slip Anti Fatigue mats are easy to clean. Simply pressure wash or hose down. Alternatively use a mop. The mat can be autoclaved for sterilisation.

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