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Our Best Outdoor Mats

Outdoor mats are a staple for households and businesses alike, especially now that the world is starting to move once again. People are walking in and out of stores, and in and out of their homes, which means that it’s more important than ever to ensure your floors and carpets are protected from the outset, with the door mat of your choice.

Outdoor mats are a staple for households and businesses alike, especially now that the world is starting to move once again. People are walking in and out of stores, and in and out of their homes, which means that it’s more important than ever to ensure your floors and carpets are protected from the outset, with the door mat of your choice. 

In this blog post, we want to show off the best outdoor mats, entrance mats and door mats in our store: no matter what you’re looking for, we’re confident that we have a mat that ticks all of the boxes. 

Why Do I Need A Door Mat?

  • Significantly reduce the slip and fall risk of a property

  • Comply with health and safety codes

  • Adhere to building regulations

  • Provide a safe walking surface

  • Remove excess dirt, debris and water

  • Reduce cleaning time

  • Protect expensive flooring and carpet areas

  • Complement the overall aesthetic of your domestic or commercial property

Best Outdoor Mats

When looking for an outdoor mat, or a door mat, there are a few factors that you should look at to ensure that you’re getting the best quality, the best value for your money and the best overall fit for your home or business. 


You should consider whether the material of the mat you’re looking at has the qualities that you need. Is the outdoor mat easy to clean? Will the door mat protect your floor? The material you need for your property will vary depending on what kind of foot traffic you anticipate, whether being environmentally friendly is a priority, and what kind of budget you want to stick within. 


We find that appearance can be either the most or least important consideration when a customer chooses their mat, and it’s closely tied to both material and budget. Do you want a coloured door mat to match your decor? How about a personalised outdoor mat to welcome your friends and family? Or are you more concerned with longevity and efficiency? 


This is possibly the most important factor, determining the features of your door mat. At Mats4U, we offer anti-fatigue mats, non-slip mats, eco mats and heavy duty mats. Some of our mats do it all, while others only possess some of these qualities. Knowing the functionality you require will quickly narrow down your search for the best outdoor mat. 


This is another important factor: how much do you want to spend? Most of our mats are incredibly cost effective, combining high quality with value for money. However, a cheap mat may be less durable than a more expensive mat, because you are paying for quality. Other elements which can influence the price include functionality features and custom sizing. If you buy the right mat, it can be a highly effective, long-term investment, that you won’t have to replace every 6 months. 

Outdoor Mats

We’ve compiled our best outdoor mats, to give you a good sense of what to look for (or what to buy!) when furnishing your property. 

Superscrape Non Slip Rubber Mats

The Superscrape is our best selling outdoor mat, ideal for the entrance to high-traffic premises, for industrial spaces and for areas that pose a high slip risk. It’s made from a heavy-duty, nitrile rubber which means that it’s incredibly durable and easy to clean, and the raised nubs scrape dirt from the bottom of shoes. Offering traction and cleanliness, this unassuming black outdoor mat is the first choice for many of our customers- and one that we will always recommend! 

Value Rubber Scraper Mat With Holes

Our value rubber mat is a cost-effective choice for those looking to buy in bulk, to save money or to invest in a product that does exactly what it says on the tin. We recommend this outdoor mat for commercial and industrial spaces, because it’s non-slip, easy to clean and boasts anti-fatigue qualities- which is hugely useful for people that are on their feet all day, and want to alleviate pressure. 

Brush Hog Heavy Duty Outdoor Entrance Matting

The Brush Hog mat is unlike our previous two recommendations, because it’s not purely made of rubber. The nylon scraper face is great for ensuring that people have clean shoes before coming inside, easily removing dirt and moisture. The rubber back means that it won’t crack or curl, and so this durable outdoor mat is able to withstand all kinds of weather conditions. Both practical and functional, we recommend this for outside of sports buildings, and other high-traffic areas. 

Indoor Entrance Mats

An indoor entrance mat is just as important as an outdoor mat, and when the two are used together, you can rest assured that you’ve taken all of the necessary precautions in creating a safe and clean entrance to your property. This is especially important for commercial properties, and for those of us that don’t want to vacuum or sweep every day at home!

Tri Grip Heavy Duty Mats

The Tri Grip mat is a firm favourite among our customers because it’s a high quality investment. The twisted nylon face was designed to withstand significant wear and tear, and to last for a long time. It’s endurance and durability is virtually unmatched. This entrance mat pairs functionality with style, as it’s available in any size up to 2 x 5.5m and in a wide range of colours: whether you want a red entrance mat, a silverstone entrance mat or a blue entrance mat, the Tri Grip does it all. It’s the perfect addition to any commercial or domestic property because it can seamlessly match your decor, while being fit for purpose.

Microluxx Absorbent Mats

Our Microluxx mats are capable of absorbing twice as much water as a regular mat, which makes them an excellent entrance mat option. In England, we’re infamous for our rainy days and sudden showers; the Microluxx will prevent your property from becoming a slip hazard, by absorbing water and moisture before it can be tracked inside. The nitrile rubber backing prevents the mat from slipping and sliding, and the three available colours offer a degree of flexibility and creative freedom. 

Waterhog Eco Elite Heavy Duty Entrance Mat

We recommend the Waterhog Eco Elite to customers that want high performing functionality while being environmentally conscious. Sustainability is really important to the team here at Mats4U, and we know it’s important to our customers, which is why we’ve sourced this entrance mat, suitable for commercial and domestic use: with 8 sizes and 3 colours, we’re confident that you’ll find what you need. The Waterhog Eco Elite has a face made from 100% post-consumer recycled drink bottles, a backing made from post-consumer rubber tyres, and is guaranteed to last in a high traffic environment for a minimum of 5 years. 

Door Mats 

There’s quite a bit of overlap between our door mats and the entrance mats and outdoor mats we’ve already covered. This is because the overarching aim of all of these products is to keep your property clean, dry and safe. Our best door mats are the ones that tick all of these boxes, and the more mats you see and learn about, the more educated your final choice will be!

Supercoir Heavy Duty Coir Coconut Roll Mat

The Supercoir Heavy Duty mat is a traditional choice of mat and excellent value for money, which is why we recommend it to many of our customers- especially when looking for an eco-friendly door mat to fit in a well or recess, or when looking for a custom door mat. This is because Supercoir is extremely versatile: it’s made from the twisted fibres of a coconut, which is part of what makes it a sustainable purchase, and it can be easily and neatly cut to size, to fit the size and shape of your desired space. 

You may also recognise this mat from one of our last blog posts, What Is Coir Matting? 

Waterhog Classic Heavy Duty Entrance Mat

The Waterhog Classic uses a bi-level design which makes it incredibly effective and fit for purpose. The design traps moisture and dirt under the lower portion of the mat, which means that it can’t be tracked into the property. It’s also both non-slip and anti-static, which is why we think it is perfect for high-traffic entrances, making it suitable for most commercial applications. The Waterhog Classic is known as the most high-performing entrance mat when it comes to trapping dirt and water, and for a good reason. 

Any Message / Image Mats 

We couldn’t create a blog post about door mats without mentioning our customised mats! You can customise your door mat with any message or image that you would like: from “watch your step” to “welcome home” to “go away”, we’ve seen and sold them all. Not only are these door mats fun and personal, but they’re still highly functional, offering durability and longevity. The PET (polyethylene terephthalate) face is very effective in trapping dirt and moisture with a choice of backing to help prevent it from sliding across the ground, keeping your property as safe, clean and tidy as possible. 

Purchasing Your Outdoor Mats With Mats4U

If you’re interested in purchasing an outdoor mat, entrance mat or door mat, then look no further than Mats4U. We have supplied trusted matting solutions for domestic, commercial and industrial application for over 25 years, and are highly experienced in finding the best high-performance, high-quality mat for our customers, at the best possible price. Our customers are our priority, which is why we are more than happy to provide free advice, free samples and whatever else you may need to ensure that you are entirely satisfied with your chosen product.

For more information on all things matting, check out our blog, which is regularly updated with informational posts on everything from mat history to mat style. And if you would like to speak to a member of our friendly team for more information on any of our products, or for some much needed advice, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

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