Public toilets can be very busy and as a result, the likelihood of bad odours increase. Often linking to lack of hygiene, eliminating bad smells play a crucial role in public health and also impacts the users experience.

In order to minimise unpleasant smells in public toilets, there are a few procedures that need to be carried out to ensure a happy experience amongst the public.

Why it’s important to reduce odour in public restrooms

Most of us have probably encountered a few unpleasant experiences in public toilets. Low levels of hygiene are usually to blame, which can lead to bad smelling odours lingering in restrooms. With a proper cleaning regime in place, hygiene in public restrooms goes beyond looking and smelling clean, it also:

Protects restroom reputation

Have you ever used a public washroom and left with a bad impression? This occurs more often than it should due to restrooms failing to meet user’s expectations. Bad odours in public toilets can drive people away and tarnish the reputation of your business as a whole, not just the toilets. That is why making sure bad odour is maintained and kept a minimum is crucial.

Improves user experience

Foul odours emerging from public toilets is a common problem. If left unattended, the smell can build up and become extremely pungent. Unfortunately, the result leaves users with a bad impression.

How to eradicate bad smelling odours in public toilets


Bad odours can arise from a range of things, but with a proper cleaning regime using the right tools and cleaning products can reduce unpleasant smells coming from public toilets.

Another cost-effective method to neutralise bad odours are urinal mats. While chemical air fresheners mask the smell, urinals mats give it that extra boost in fighting against bad odours. You can even get urinal mats with different fragrances, allowing users to walk into an aroma of Ocean Mist, rather than an unpleasant smell.

Designed with an angled bristle, this unique feature eliminates splash-back and keeps walls, floors and trousers dry. P-Wave Urinal Mats are also the only urinal screens that contain anti-splash back technology on both sides. 

Need more help?

Along with other cleaning procedures, urinal mats are a simple, yet effective solution that can help restrooms combat unpleasant odours. For more information, please contact 0121 313 6748 or email Alternatively, you contact us via Live Chat during UK office hours.