School students across Britain are back in school after a national lockdown. It has been a very lengthy break and an unfortunate summer for all students. However, lockdown restrictions have eased as the new school term begins. Teachers welcomed their pupils back to school, but with many safety precautions in place.

Along with these measures, floor safety is also vital for the educational environment. In order to ensure that floor safety is in check, effective matting solutions are the way forward to keeping floors safe and secure. Here are some reasons and tips on how effective matting can help improve floor safety at schools.

Why entrance mats are important for educational environments

Schools and other educational facilities are high-trafficked areas. Whether a primary school, secondary school, college or university, slip and trip accidents are bound to happen. The amount of feet going in and out every day can lead to dirty, slippery floors, especially during Autumn and Winter where there’s a higher chance of rain. These types of facilities can also be very busy with a lot of people moving around, which increases the risk of accidents.

When rainwater and dirt enter the facility from footwear, this creates a dangerous walking surface for students, staff and visitors. Both minor and major injuries can occur, but by managing these risks these are preventable.

How entrance mats help with safety

Installing the right entrance mat is a simple, yet effective solution. Designed to absorb moisture and remove dirt off footwear, entrance mats create a safe and slip-free environment for all. Another factor to consider is that they protect floors from damage. The dirt that gets trapped in the soles of footwear can scrape and chip away at hard floors and wear away carpets. This not only creates an unattractive floor surface, but overtime may lead to the floor becoming unsafe to walk on. Installing mats helps remove dirt off footwear, which is the main cause of damaged floors, and is a much cheaper option compared to getting a floor replaced.

Use the 3 matting entrance system for extra security

Using the 3-entrance mat system provides full support on stopping dirt and moisture from getting into buildings.


1)     Outdoor entrance mats are perfect for removing heavy dirt, grit, sand and snow off footwear. Most outdoor mats are made from strong rubber and are weather resistant to endure harsh conditions. A great example is the Value Rubber Scraper Mat with Holes. The raised nubs help to scrape dirt off footwear, which is then channelled  through the holes where it is stored for subsequent cleaning.

2)     Indoor bi-level mats are highly effective at removing both dirt and moisture. Their purpose is to remove dirt and trap it in the lower level of the mat. The dirt is held below the surface until it is cleaned and away from where it can be walked through and transported off the mat. Waterhog Classic and Waterhog Eco are known for being the best bi-level mats for stopping dirt and water from entering facilities.

3)     Finally, the third mat is suitable for low levels of dirt and water. Having an indoor mat such as the Microluxx Highly Absorbent mat or Tri Grip Heavy Duty finishes off the job by eliminating any remaining dirt and moisture off footwear.


As simple and effective they are, every building, including educational facilities can reap the benefits just by placing entrance mats in the right place.


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