Alongside the decision that comes with the selection of your mat. The colour that you opt for can play a big role in your decision to make the initial purchase. So, it’s important to understand what effect that colour may or may not have and the reason you're making that choice.

Whether you're buying an entrance mat for your home or logo mats for your business, the allure that can come from the colours can be a main driving force.

Why do people make the choices they do when it comes to selecting their colours? Could it be down to personal preferences? Following trends? Trying to match the company brand or the interior of their home?

From a business perspective, the colour selected is vital especially, if it's part of a brand. Studies have shown that more than 80% of people state that colour was the main reason they brought a particular product.

Various colours can spark different psychological cues so enlisting the right one can impact the way customers interact with your business. Colours can evoke emotion so you must be mindful of the impact they can have on people’s moods.

Colour Evokes Emotion      


Here at Mats4U we go the extra mile to make sure we meet the desires of all our clients when it comes to the designs and colours of all our mats. From Logo Mats to our Tri-Grip Heavy-Duty mats creating the perfect colour pallet is something we are continuously working on.

The colours in the building should relate to the colours in the environment. This is a purist principle of thinking and should help people develop necessary colour concepts for their selection options. 

 We are constantly working with our designers to create and bring forth innovative colours that help amplify our mats. This is what truly separates us from our competitors and goes hand in hand with the superior quality we offer. Creating an understanding of trends and personal quirks allow us to make the necessary updates when we revise our colour schemes.

Currently, our solid mats offer 30 pre-selected colours, while the Tri-Grip heavy-duty offers 13. Our logo mats range offers the most customizable and fluidity of colours the design team work tirelessly to match the needs of all our customers. They can include one solid colour or a requested blend of colours. This can be achieved in the smallest detail that matches either your personal style or the brand of your business.

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