Effects of Standing in The Work Place

Standing for extended periods of time during the traditional workday can prove to be quite detrimental to a workforce. Once fatigue has set in, it can lower work morale, the output of jobs and result in diminished focus which undoubtedly can lead to errors occurring. Not only can our anti-fatigue mats help reduce the impact that standing for long periods of time can have, but it can also provide reliable safety measurements in the workplace. Here at Mats4U, our anti-fatigue mats are created using non-slip technology giving the user ultimate safety in areas that may have been impacted by any wet spillages. 

Fatigue can have a sustained impact on the joints the knees, ankles, and hips which are all susceptible to these kinds of issues. Lower back pain is also a common issue found amongst workers during long-standing hours. As our bodies are used to moving freely and experiencing a variety of movements throughout the day, once this becomes limited it can impact our natural circulation resulting in further pain and discomfort.

What our Mats Do

Our anti-fatigue mats are manufactured to play an essential role in the day to day health and wellbeing of workers. The secret to the success of mats is that it allows the human body to adjust to the flexibility and comfort that the mat will bring where this is the complete opposite effect on the body when the individual is standing on a solid surface.  The cushioned rubber will eliminate the pressure off the joints reducing the risk of pains and long-term health issues.  The minimal movements of the lower extremities encourage blood circulation to help minimise the stagnation of blood within the body lowering the risk of fatigue. 

What We Offer

Here at Mats4u, we provide a wide variety of anti-fatigue mats that can be used for all different working environments. They are ideal if the conditions are oily, greasy, wet or dry and will help provide a stable non-hazardous working environment. We back this up with our 100% satisfactory guarantee on all our products and delivering quality that is unmatched.

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