We are currently transitioning from Autumn to Winter. You may notice the disappearance of golden leaves, the drop in temperature, more rain and darker skies as we move towards the end of the year.

You may also notice that more rainwater and dirt get tracked into buildings due to the weather change, so think ahead. Why not reduce this issue by installing durable outdoor entrance mats, which is a cost-effective way to help keep your floors safe and clean?

In order to help you decide which outdoor entrance mat is best, we have listed our top 5 best mats you can buy in preparation for Autumn and Winter. Read more to discover your future outdoor entrance mat. Ready to defend your floors against rainwater, mud and unwanted remnants!


1)   Value Rubber Scraper Mats with Holes

Cost-effective yet strong enough to remove heavy dirt, grit and ice. The Value Rubber Scraper mat is a fan favourite. Manufactured with drainage holes, remnants on footwear channels through the holes which prevents tracking and keeps floors safe and clean. With its long lifespan and durability, the Value Rubber Scraper Mat will serve you well for a very long time.

Not only is it perfect for outdoor use, but the mat has multiple purposes. The anti-fatigue properties provide comfort underfoot and the scraper top helps prevent slips, making them ideal for industrial kitchens where food and liquids are managed, and staff members are standing for long periods of time.




2)   Superscrape Non-slip Rubber Mats

When it comes to effectively scraping dirt and mud off footwear, the Superscrape Non-Slip Rubber Mats are your best bet! Thanks to the raised rubber nubs, they can remove even the most stubborn dirt off footwear and wheeled traffic. The unique bi-level feature collects unwanted particles and traps it beneath the lower level, helping to prevent the dirt being trafficked into buildings.

This outdoor mat is built to stand the test of time, you will be surprised at how sturdy and reliable it is, especially during harsh weather conditions such as snow, heavy rain and hail. The credit goes to the strong nitrile rubber material. You won’t find this mat cracking or curling, and, with a 5 year guarantee, it is built to keep on performing, even in busy entranceways. Plus, the non-slip surface provides traction in wet, oily or greasy areas for extra safety.



3)   Superscrape Rubber Logo Mats

These mats perform and have the exact same qualities as the Superscrape Non-Slip Rubber mats. The only difference is that you can add your logo or design onto this mat.

As well as keeping your floors safe and clean, the Superscrape Rubber Logo Mats can liven up your entranceway due to the high-res full colour print. Perfect for giving guests and staff a warm welcome while making a good first impression.





4)   Frontrunner XT

If you have a lengthy pathway or entranceway, the Frontrunner XT is the best option to go for. It has the power to survive in harsh weather conditions and remains effective in providing traction due to the slip resistant surface. You no longer need to worry about slippery floor surfaces once the Frontrunner XT is installed.






5)   Brush Hog Heavy Duty

Last but not least is the Brush Hog Heavy Duty mats. When it comes to effective outdoor mats, these are the underdogs. Yet, they excel at removing fine dirt as the surface is made from a nylon scraper. The strong non-slip backing also prevents movement and secures the mat in one place. Why not give the Brush Hog a go? You’ll be surprised at the performance!

All 5 of these heavy-duty durable outdoor mats are manufactured to endure all types of weather throughout the whole year. They are ready to defend your floors against dirt and moisture, while reducing slip and fall hazards to boot. If you still need expert advice about our outdoor entrance mats, feel free to contact us during UK work hours on 0121 313 6748, or use our contact form here.