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  1. A Guide To Entrance Matting

    Are you worried about mud being tracked onto your carpet? Or are you concerned that your entryway poses a slip hazard when it’s raining outside? Maybe you think that your building isn’t very accessible? No matter the problem, entrance matting may be the convenient and affordable solution that you need.

  2. Which logo mat should I choose?

    When decorating a workspace, you might not immediately think of a logo mat - but you definitely should. They subtly reinforce your brand, while complementing the overall decor of the room. It’s a finishing touch that can make a huge impression on anyone that sees it, which is especially important if you have a steady stream of customers, clients or competitors.

    In this blog post, we will be helping you to choose a logo mat. At Mats4U, we make four different logo mats: the heavy duty logo mat, the coir logo mat, the rubber logo mat and the waterhog logo mat. We have broken down each, detailing the advantages and features, so that you can pick the mat that best suits your needs.

  3. Warehouse Safety Tips

    Warehouses are vital to any operation, across a breadth of industries and sectors. Whether it’s being used to temporarily store goods, permanently store goods, as a manufacturing facility or as a distribution centre, the same safety rules must be adhered to. Warehouse safety is essential both for the health of the workers and the purity of the goods and products. Read more...
  4. Safety In The Kitchen

    Commercial kitchens are a busy, high-risk area and so it is hugely important that they contain the most practical and up-to-date health and safety precautions. A kitchen mat is a cost-effective means of significantly improving the safety of your kitchen and of your staff; from chefs to waitresses, they’ll thank you for investing in their wellbeing, and making their time at work easier and more enjoyable.

  5. Health And Safety Mats For The Workplace

    Did you know that you can purchase health and safety mats for the workplace that will help to prevent accidents and fatigue? It’s a small price to pay, to invest in the safety, comfort and happiness of your employees!

  6. Our Best Outdoor Mats

    Outdoor mats are a staple for households and businesses alike, especially now that the world is starting to move once again. People are walking in and out of stores, and in and out of their homes, which means that it’s more important than ever to ensure your floors and carpets are protected from the outset, with the door mat of your choice. Read more...
  7. Get Your Workplace Ready For Summer

    We’re on daylight saving time, the weather’s getting warmer and the sun’s getting brighter, which means that summer is just around the corner. At the same time, lockdown restrictions are easing and stores are opening for business. This means there’s only one thing left to do: get your workplace ready for summer. Read more...
  8. Importance of The Correct Gym Matting

    When you first enter the gym environment the flooring isn’t something that you’ll initially be thinking about or even consider that it may impact your performance.

    But in reality, the conditioning of the floor beneath has an impact on your performance and also your safety.

  9. What Is Coir Matting

    Coir matting is a hugely popular choice for indoor entranceway matting, because it is traditional, durable and unassuming. Despite its numerous applications, coir matting is also the subject of some debate within the wider matting and design industry, because it has huge advantages and disadvantages.

  10. How Do You Find The Best-Fit Chair Mat For Your Office?

    Whether you’re preparing to go back into the office, or want to improve your working from home space, this one's for you. A chair mat is the easiest way to protect your surroundings, while maintaining the style and comfort of your office, or office away from the office. In this post, we’ll be advising you on how to find the best chair mat for your office.


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