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  1. The Dangers Of Shoe Dirt Infographic

    The dangers of shoe dirt in schools are often overlooked, but dirt being brought into schools on the soles of shoes can have some unsettling consequences. Our infographic gives a warts and all guide to the problems of shoe dirt and how to prevent it.

  2. Office Interior Design Inspiration 2018

    Do you want to make your offices look welcoming and inspiring? When customers and visitors visit your offices, you want to create a great and lasting impression. Office interior design can have a big impact on how your visitors and customers judge your business and your brand. Read more...
  3. The Power of Waterhog Mats

    Waterhog Mats are the best mats in the industry at stopping dirt and water - but what makes these mats so powerful? Here we discuss just some of the factors that make them the toughest entrance mat in the industry.

  4. How do I prevent my coir mat from shedding?

    Coir is one of the most popular types of entrance matting on the market in the UK. It’s popularity is mainly due to its low cost, its natural looking appearance and its scraping and wiping properties.

    However, one of the biggest cons of coir matting is the amount that it can shed and wear, which can leave the surrounding floors looking untidy.  

  5. Make an Entrance with Super Absorbent Mats

    One of the main ways people choose a mat is on how it looks. First impressions count, an entrance mat is one of the first things a visitor sees when they step foot on your premises. The mat should also be functional, so it needs to super absorbent to stop the dirt and water being traipsed through your doors. Read more...
  6. How an office mat can help boost employee wellbeing

    A mat can stop dirt and water coming into your premises and can therefore stop slips, trips and falls, therefore helping to look after the safety of employees and visitors. Mats don’t just have to be functional though, they can be the first impression a customer has – and first impressions count!

  7. The correct placement of entrance mats – Why it is important to get it right

    There’s more to placing an entrance mat than you might think. Incorrect placement can reduce the effectiveness of the mat and create health and safety problems. So, before you chuck your mat in front of the door and walk away thinking job done, have a quick read through our blog to check you have placed it correctly and get the most out of your mat.

  8. Prevent accidents at work with non-slip floor mats

    29% of injuries in the workplace are caused by slips, trips and falls and are the biggest cause of absences in the UK. This costs businesses over £500 million per year!

    Slips, trips and falls can occur anywhere in the workplace, but the rest of this article will focus on the areas that can be particularly hazardous.

  9. Do you sell bespoke mats for residential properties?

    Keeping water, mud, and dirt from getting inside your home, particularly in bad weather, can be a bit of a challenge. That’s why it is important to have an effective door mat at the entrance to your home, to prevent the transfer of water, mud, and dirt into your home, where is can ruin your carpets and flooring.

    We understand that in your home, you don’t just want any old door mat, but something that fits in perfectly with its surroundings, as well as being great at removing dirt!

    You can make your residential door mat bespoke in terms of both size and colour, to best suit both the space and décor in your home.

  10. Can you customise a mat for a business?

    You can customise a floor mat with any logo, message, or image for your business. A customised logo mat can create a great first impression and show pride in your brand to both your employees and customers. Not only will a customised logo mat look aesthetically pleasing, it will also help keep your building clean by wiping people’s feet!


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