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  1. How Do You Find The Best-Fit Chair Mat For Your Office?

    Whether you’re preparing to go back into the office, or want to improve your working from home space, this one's for you. A chair mat is the easiest way to protect your surroundings, while maintaining the style and comfort of your office, or office away from the office. In this post, we’ll be advising you on how to find the best chair mat for your office.

  2. Best Matting Solution Post Lockdown

    With the latest announcement, we finally have a road map out of the latest national lockdown and hopefully the end to all restrictions. As we are aware, many businesses have suffered terribly due to extended closures and regulated restrictions. But as the preparation begins as we get ready to enter a somewhat normal society, we at Mats4U want to make this transition as easy as possible, helping where we are able. Read more...
  3. The Importance of Colours for Your Mats

    Alongside the decision that comes with the selection of your mat. The colour that you opt for can play a big role in your decision to make the initial purchase. So, it’s important to understand what effect that colour may or may not have and the reason you're making that choice.

  4. The Branding Miracle Of Logo Mats

    For any business solidifying your branding and creating an additional marketing strategy, logo mats are a viable solution. The simplicity of a logo mat is that it will simply bear the logo of the company or the product that they would like to market. 

  5. Top 5 Outdoor Entrance Mats for Autumn and Winter

    We are currently transitioning from Autumn to Winter. You may notice the disappearance of golden leaves, the drop in temperature, more rain and darker skies as we move towards the end of the year.

  6. Working with Anti-Fatigue Mats

    Standing for extended periods of time during the traditional workday can prove to be quite detrimental to a workforce. Once fatigue has set in, it can lower work morale, the output of jobs and result in diminished focus which undoubtedly can lead to errors occurring. 

  7. A simple way to improve floor safety in schools

    School students across Britain are back in school after a national lockdown. It has been a very lengthy break and an unfortunate summer for all students. However, lockdown restrictions have eased as the new school term begins. Teachers welcomed their pupils back to school, but with many safety precautions in place.

  8. How Urinal Mats can Improve Odour in Public Toilets

    Public toilets can be very busy and as a result, the likelihood of bad odours increase. Often linking to lack of hygiene, eliminating bad smells play a crucial role in public health and also impacts the users experience.

  9. Get fit this year with standing desk mats!

    We all know someone that has made a New Year resolution to become fitter and healthier in 2020. You could even be one of them. In fact, every year millions of people share this common resolution, so you’re not the only one! Maybe you and others have planned to join the gym, ditch unhealthy snacking, and reduce alcohol intake. We have another method that might help your fitness goal, and the answer is standing up at work.

  10. Brighten your entrance with entrance mats

    January has arrived, but dark days persist. The chill in the air is accompanied with dark skies and longer nights. For some, this can put a damper on our mood, and the last thing you need is a dull entrance that puts us even more in the dumps.


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